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Deploying FSLogix Profile Containers

Have an issue you can't solve? I offer consulting engagements and can be reached here: consulting[а 𝐭 ]amorales[․]org This is an extension of my FSLogix Office 365 container guide . All of the steps in that guide should be followed before continuing onto this one. Overview FSLogix profile containers allow you to easily roam user files and settings across multiple machines. A VHDX file will be created and it will store all user settings. This is similar to roaming profiles, but you do not have to deal with any login delays while files copy. Instead, the VHDX file is attached to the RDS server and the user's profile loads immediately. FSL Profiles vs UPDs Windows has a native solution called User Profile Disks, but it has some big limitations. With UPDs some applications will detect that data is being stored in a UNC path and malfunction. The best example of this is the inability to install Google Chrome extensions on UPDs. FSLogix drivers trick the OS into thinking that t