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Removing Application UAC Requirements with Shims

This guide will show you how to create shims that allow regular users to run applications that normally require local admin. Shims should only be used as a measure of last resort. In many cases simply granting users to certain folders or reg keys eliminates the need to create a shim. You can use LUA Buglight to identify what those reg keys/files are.   How it works The shim will force the application to use "RunAsInvoker" when it is launched. RunAsInvoker tells the application to open with the privilege level of whatever launched it. For example, if a regular user opens the application through explorer.exe (a non admin process) then the application will open with regular user permissions.  Things to keep in mind: Shims should be installed after the application Shims might need to be re-installed if an application is updated Not all apps play well with shims. Make sure to test the application before putting it into production Pre-Requisites Install the Microsoft Application C