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Word, Excel, and RDP Crashing Due to Printer Issue

KB4541329 Appears to be the cause of this issue. Uninstalling it should permanently fix the issue. Just ran into an issue where a user kept getting a "COM Surrogate has stopped working" every time they tried to print from Windows Photo Viewer. They also kept running into an issue where Excel, Word, and RDP connections would crash when launched. Analyzing the crash dump that was generated (dllhost.exe) revealed the issue. The application was not able to find the default printer. Trying to set the default through Devices and Printers in control panel resulted in another crash. The fix was to run the command below: (New-Object -ComObject WScript.Network).SetDefaultPrinter('PRINTER NAME') The crashes went away once the default printer was set.

Windows Deployment Services Encountered an Error 0xc0000225

After a bad activation of BitLocker a Dell computer started giving a "no boot device found" error. I tried to re-image the computer but kept getting the error below: Windows Deployment Services Encountered an Error 0xc0000225 Resetting all BIOS settings and clearing the TPM didn't do anything. Eventually I found that Dell computers have an option to wipe all drives. After enabling the option and wiping the drive the laptop was able to boot into WDS again.