VMware ESX Install iDRAC Service Module

I'm creating this guide because the instructions on the Dell website did not work for me.

Download Files

  1. Got to https://www.dell.com/support
  2. Download the iDRAC service Module files that apply to the ESX host (should look like the item below)

Copy Files to ESX

  1. Extract the ZIP you just downloaded and copy the .VIB and metadata.zip (not sure if this one is actually required) file to anywhere on the datastore


  1. Shutdown all VMs and put the ESX host in maintenance mode
  2. SSH into the ESX host
  3. Run the commands below
    1. cd /vmfs/volumes/%datastoreName%
      1. we do this to easily get the GUID of the datastore
    2. esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/%DataStoreGUID%/ISO/iDRAC/%iDRACFile%.vib -f
      1. Mine looked like this: esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volumes/54311fd8-70c2redc-78546-44398f869345/ISO/iDRAC/cross_oem-dell-dcism-esxi_3.4.0.1.ESX6i-live.vib -f
  4. If the install completes correctly you should see:  VIBs Installed: Dell_bootbank_dcism_3.4.0.1.ESXi6-1000
  5. Reboot the ESX server
  6. Go to the iDRAC and navigate to System/Host OS. You should not see any error messages if it is working correctly


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