Can't Delete Organizational Unit Even when Protect Object From Accidental Deletion is Disabled

I recently ran into an issue where I did not have the option to delete an Organizational unit. I made sure to uncheck "Protect Object From Accidental Deletion", and I had the appropriate permissions on the security tab.
Attempting to delete from ADSI edit resulted in the error below:

Operation failed. Error code: 0x20ce
The requested delete operation could not be performed. 
000020CW: SvcErrL DSID-0315370F, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 0

The solution was to use redircmp to redirect new PCs to a different OU.

redircmp "OU=Servers,OU=Computers,DC=example,DC=com"

Restart Active Directory Users and Computers, and the delete option should be available for the OU.


  1. Good article .This trick will help to delete OU's .Thanks for sharing this article

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  3. Thanks for posting this. Just had the exact same issue today. I was trying to delete an OU that was an immediate *Child OU* of the OU that newly domain-joined PCs went in to! "Rename" and "Delete" only became visible once I redircmp to a different "sibling" OU of the original destination.


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